Favorite Place — Family Finds

My ancestors have lived many places. But, this week I need to name a favorite place. So, I will pick a place I know well. Irvington is a neighborhood on the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is roughly defined west to east between Emerson Ave. and Arlington Ave. North to south from E. 10th St. to Brookville Rd. With Washington St. as the primary commercial artery. Irvington was originally developed in the late 19th century as a suburban community of 1 acre platted home sites. Over time, property owners subdivided their parcels and now the lots are all sizes and shapes. Also, many of the streets were designed in a romantic style to wind their way through the neighborhood. So, unlike most of Indianapolis, not all the streets run strictly north/south or east/west.

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Author: Barb LaFara

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