On the Farm – Family Finds

The large majority of my pre-20th century ancestors were farmers. Most lived and worked on farms they owned or rented. Some of my male ancestors worked on the farms of others as farm labor, earning a living until they could purchase a farm of their own. One of my ancestors had a unique route to farm labor and then farm owner. My 4th great grandfather Jacob Kready, 1748-1828, came to America during the American Revolution as a soldier hired by the British. Ultimately he became a successful farmer in Pennsylvania.

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Tragedy – Family Finds

Peter Hebble inquest summary, 1851
Peter Hebble inquest summary, 1851

Once in a while a vital record reveals a tragedy about an ancestor. Sometimes a record documents death at an early age, or from a disease that is curable today. I have also found newspaper articles that include details of a family tragedy: divorce, illness, accidents, house fires, and loss of a child. These discoveries lead me to wonder what impact a tragedy has on the whole family. This week I consider the fate of my 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Hebble 1812-1851, and the impact her illness and death had on her immediate family.

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