Preservation – Family Finds

Genealogy is all about preserving the past. Documenting ancestors’ lives, recording family stories and collecting family memorabilia, is the mission of a family genealogist. I do each of these tasks for my own enjoyment. This blog site is one way I preserve family stories, it will live in “the cloud” long after I am gone. So will the large family tree I have created on [1] However, memorabilia and keepsakes are in the real world and subject to personal attachment. In anticipation of my keepsakes ending up in a second-hand store, dumpster, or elsewhere, I will document them here so their images and stories will survive.

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Steps – Family Finds

For this week’s prompt I thought I’d share some favorite family photos that include steps. While writing this post I discovered the term “stairs” typically refers to a collection of steps in a stairwell. With that definition in mind, just one of my photos can be called stairs. I then discovered a “stoop” is a set of steps terminating at a landing in front of a door. So, most the pictured steps here are really stoops: front-, side- and back-door varieties. Who knew, there was so much to know about steps?

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Character – Family Finds

I did not personally know my great aunt Grace, but those who did often described her as being fun, and full of life. My father said his aunt Grace was “a character,” my aunt Lois would say Grace was “lots of fun,” and my grandmother said her sister “liked to laugh.” Grace’s husband, my uncle Frank, would say “Grace loved her flowers and her family.” From records and family photos, I think Aunt Grace looked for the positive even when life was a challenge. Aunt Grace was a character with character.

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Fashion – Family Finds

Osborne sisters 1911
Grace, Sadie and Pearl Osborne, 1911

When I look at old photos I sometimes wonder about the fashion choices of the subject. Were they wearing a favorite outfit? Does their clothing reflect the fashion of the era? Or, are they simply making a personal fashion statement? When photographs were nearly exclusively for special occasions, the clothing choices reflected economic status, social standing, era, heritage, or profession. Whatever the case, many of my favorite old family photos show the subject in clothing I think is charming, humorous, or unique.

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Earl LaFara 1914
Pearl Osborne 1914